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The Artillery HUD (Heads Up Display) (SPG) Screen

The Artillery HUD Screen

When you're in an Artillery (or Self Propelled Gun), press the Shift key to toggle between the artillery bird's eye view, and normal view.

1. Probably the most noticeable feature is the straight line pointing from your current position to your mouse cursor.

The Straight Pointed Line

  • The green line means you are in range.
  • The red line means you are in range, but the location is obscured or blocked by an obstable. You may not hit a position under a red line.
  • The white line means the position is out of range. You need to move closer in order to target that location.

The green circle is the artillery crosshair. The longer you point at a location, the smaller the circle. The circle is actually your firing accuracy - the smaller the circle, the more accurate your shells. Your shell will land anywhere within the circle.

How fast your crosshair contracts (becomes small) is very much determined by your gunner skills. A gunner with 100% skill will cause the circle to contract very much faster.

Unlike other vehicle classes, a 100% gunner skill for artillery is of paramount importance.

The two crescent outer rings indicate your gun's loading status and health status respectively.