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The Barracks Screen

The Barracks Screen

The Barracks Screen allows you to view all your crew, whether assigned or unassigned. A number of filters are available to help you locate your crew. You can filter by nationality, tank type, or crew type (commander, gunner, etc).

You can also recruit new crew members or dismiss an existing crew if you no longer need him. By default, you have 16 bunks in your barracks. Crew that are currently assigned to a tank do not occupy a bunk, but the moment you unassign them, they will occupy a bunk. If you need more, you can buy another 16 bunks using gold.

Crew Training

All newly recruited crew starts with 50% skill points. Unfortunately this is not like Role Playing Games (RPG), where different crew have different skillsets and you can mix and match. In World of Tanks, EVERY crew have identical skillsets, and every crew starts with the same skills (which is 50%).

There are five types of crew in World of Tanks, and each crew member influences the game characteristic in some way :-

  • Commander - every vehicle has one commander. The commander affects your ability to spot enemy vehicles. A commander with 50% skills is able to spot only 50% of the vehicle's maximum viewing range. Although this is unconfirmed, but it's certain that your commander affect's your ability to detect enemy vehicles.
  • Gunner - affects how fast you're able to target your enemy. Essentially, this means how fast your crosshair snaps to your target. A good gunner is one of the most important characteristics, especially for SPGs.
  • Loader - determines fast you reload your gun. A gunner with 100% skill loads quicker. For artillery, due to the slow reload speed, a good loader is especially important.
  • Driver - determines your vehicle's maneuverability.
  • Radio Operator - affects your radio communication range.

Your crew gains combat experience as they participate in battles. A quick way to increase your crew's primary skills is to send them for training :-

  • Regimental School - trains to 75% skill. Costs 20,000 credits.
  • Tank Academy - trains to 100% skill. Costs 200 gold.
Training is instantaneous.

Once they obtain 100% skills, it unlocks three secondary skills :-

  • Camouflage - improves on your vehicle's stealth abilities, making it more difficult for the enemy to spot you. Especially important for tank destroyers and artillery.
  • Fire Fighting - reduces the chance of your vehicle catching fire. And in the event of fire, it speeds up the time it takes to extinguish the fire.
  • Repairs - accelerates the repair speed during a battle.