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World of Tanks Tank Analyzer - An Explanation


The Tank Analyzer attempts to rate a vehicle's performance in the five major areas of firepower, armor, mobility, view range and hitpoints.

The data is obtained from the official WoT wiki and is currently based on version 8.5. The wiki itself is not 100 percent accurate, so if there's an error in the stats, then there's a good chance the wiki itself have the same error. If you spot an error, please report it to us so we may correct the values.

In obtaining the stats, the best values for the vehicle is used - for example, the best gun, best turret and so on. But only non-premium ammunition is used.

Tank Categories

In analyzing a vehicle, there are five categories it can be compared against. Think of English football - there are division 1, division 2, premier league and so on. I don't know much about football, but just as there are different categories in football - there are also different categories in World of Tanks.

All Vehicles in Battle Tier

First, an explanation of Battle Tier. A battle tier is NOT the vehicle's tier.

Every vehicle have a range of battle tier. These battle tiers run from 1 to 12. Match maker uses battle tiers to assign competing teams that make up random battles. That is why you see a lowly tier 6 SPG match up against a tier 10 heavy. Whereas a heavy Tier 7 never meets higher than a tier 9 vehicle.

In layman's explanation, a battle tier is based on MM rules and what the vehicle could go up against during random battles.

All Vehicles in Battle Tier would make up the complete pool of vehicles it could be matched up against during random battles.

This is the version 8.3 match making chart.

Match making chart

Vehicles of Same Type in Battle Tier

Also based on battle tier, this list is narrowed down by vehicle type. So if you're analyzing a light tank, then the pool is narrowed down to light tanks in the battle tier.

Vehicles of Same Type and Tier

Precisely as what it says - the pool of vehicles is based on the same type of vehicle, and in the same tier.

Example. If you're analyzing a Tiger tank. Then a Tiger is a tier 7 heavy tank. Therefore it would be compared against all other Tier 7 heavy tanks.

Vehicles of the Same Tier

Only same tiered vehicles are used in the comparison.

In the same example, a tier 7 Tiger tank would be compared against ALL tier 7 vehicles (including SPG).

Clan War Mode

In this mode, ALL tier 10 vehicles and ALL tier 8 SPGs make up the pool. Plus your tank.

In the same example, the humble tier 7 Tiger tank would be rated against all the tier 10 vehicles and tier 8 SPGs.

How Performance is Calculated

Based on your selected category, the pool of vehicles is determined.

Then the best and worst values in that pool is obtained.

The worst is given a rating of 1, and the best is given a rating of 10.

All other values in between is scored accordingly based on where it ranks in the spread between the highest and lowest.

For example, let's say when calculating penetration values - the lowest penetration value is 100 (worst) and the highest is 350 (best). Therefore the penetration spread is 250 (350 - 100).

And let's say your tank has a penetration value of 270.

Then 100 would receive a rating of 1.

350 would receive a rating of 10.

Since your tank has a penetration value of 270, therefore it would be rated as 7.1. Literally speaking, it is 71% in the spread.

The exact formula (if anyone is interested) :- ((270 - 100) / ((350 - 100) / 9)) + 1 = 7.12

Once individual values have been calculated, weighted averages are applied to calculate overall values. For firepower, the weighted averages for penetration, damage, accuracy, rate of fire and aim speed are 1.4, 1.2, 0.9, 0.9, and 0.8 correspondingly.

For armor, the hull front, hull side, turret front, turret side are weighted as 1.4, 1.2, 1.2 and 0.8.

For mobility, speed and acceleration are weighted evenly.

When computing armor values, only thickness is used. Sloped armor is not taken into consideration. This is because WoT itself does not release the values on armor angles - thus its not possible to calculate effective armor values.

If you have any feedback, please write in and let us know. The tank analyzer would not be a perfect tool - I'm sure you agree there's simply no such thing in gaming, but its an attempt to rate a vehicle's combat effectiveness in World of Tanks.