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The Base Rush Tactic

The Base Rush tactic is very difficult to implement in random battles, but it is easily implemented in a coordinated clan battle.

In the Base Rush tactic, the majority of vehicles fielded are fast medium tanks. It's suitable when your clan is the underdog, where you know you can't outgun or out shoot the enemy. This strategy requires ALL players to immediately rush to the enemy's base, and capture their flag.

Players are given orders to ignore any hostilities on the way to the enemy's base - they do not stop to engage the enemy. To maximize the surprise factor, all the players will use the same route to the enemy's base so that it reduces the detection. For example, all player's can be instructed to use the left pass to rush to the enemy's base.

As tanks make it to the enemy's base, many will be fired upon and destroyed while they are capturing the flag. But the surviving tanks will hide behind the destroyed hulks, giving them cover. When all the tanks participate in the capture , the enemy's flag can be captured very quickly. With the element of surprise, by the time the enemy realizes what is happening, it would be too late for them to defend their base.

The base rush has been used successfully in many clan battles, and more so in maps where the starting points are not at the base itself. For example, it can be used on maps like Komarin, Abbey, Westfield, and many other maps that provide quick access.